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Friday, February 22, 2013

Don't You Just Hate The Funk & Your February 22 2013 Blog Carnival Of Christian Family Information Exchange

Welcome and thank you for reading this Blog Carnival. I hope you all are doing well, staying healthy and away from the Flu. and other sicknesses of the season!  I must admit that I have been a bit ill this week and the worst thing about it on top of all I already must deal with is that this weeks illness has brought with it the funk! I hate being in a funk! I hate everything about the funk and I don't want anything to do with the funk! But I was and still am deep into the funk!  Does anyone have any cures for the funk? I daily make the effort to try and stay positive and keep all things afloat, however, and I am sure you know this as well, the urge to say, "to hell with it all" is a bit over-whelming while in the funk! I will continue to plunge on and hopefully soon, this funk will go away!

I received a couple of interesting emails this week. One was from a disability group., that works to keep disability and it's effects in the forefront and to actively working for more access for the disabled. The other email I am referring to was from a lady out East. The disability group wishes that I would mention my disability more to bring it and all that the disabled must deal with to the forefront. The email from the lady out East, was just the opposite! This lady wished that I stop mentioning or referring to my disability, because all it does is make the readers feel uncomfortable and guilty that they don't do more to help. Well... I don't think I mention my situation that very often. I even went back through all the past posts to this blog and found that I mentioned, referred to or explained my disability a little less than a quarter of the time! Regardless, I understand that no one can satisfy everyone, and even so I will continue to attempt to, but will except the fact that someone somewhere will have something to complain about just the same! That is okay because I use the emails I receive to help me stay connected and attempting to produce articles of interest for the majority. If any reader feels 'guilty' in any way then that speaks more to them and their actions and not to me and my situation. Am I correct or what?  However, as I have said, I will continue to use our emails to remain connected and in touch with our readers. Being a self-imposed recluse makes it difficult to stay connected. Please continue to write me, pro and con because it makes a big difference to me and to the direction I lead this business in.

More importantly than me and my situation, is you and your family. Please understand that this entire business was formed and continues to focus on, 'today's Christian family'. In a world where others point to Christianity as the cause of many ills, I wish to search high and low to find important information and resources to assist and develop the Christian family and Christian children. An old, disabled, reclusive man in Denver has little if anything to do with our company's aim and mission. If my situation and disability assists anyone then so be it!  If your children can feel comfortable enough to write and ask me questions about my situation than great!  Let's do it and do a lot more of it! After going through the emails while still fighting the funk I was introduced to a really cool product for families! Thank God 'things' and certain people pop up just when you need them! This product helped get me back on track and focused on what I can do for you and your family. That is what I must stay focused on!

I promise to keep this as short as possible and to get to your Blog Carnival soon. The last several years have been full of disasters and emergencies of all type in just about all regions of the world. Rather than focus on them and their negative impact, lets just agree that disasters and emergencies always are a possibility anywhere and we have learned that we need to be better prepared!  One of the most simple ways of protecting your family and to help them be better off in the very worst of any disaster or emergency is to, 'provide them with all the information they will need to know'!   After an emergency having a little book, or digital information that's easy to retrieve even without a computer, is the fastest way to getting your family safe and protected through the remainder of the emergency and back to somewhat situation 'normal'. If all your credit cards, personal identification, including bank debit cards and ATM cards were lost in an emergency, you and your family would be in one of the worst situation you could possibly be in. Now I don't think I need waste your time and go through all the terrible things that could happen in an emergency situation with all your important information lost. If your house and business were destroyed, your access to money in the bank not available, just what would you be able to do to protect your family, get them out of the elements and provide them with some hot food and a safe place to sleep? Long story short, you couldn't do much except look for and find the Red Cross tent over-packed with hundreds of others in the same shape and be somewhat safe for the first night there. Now just for a moment imagine what would your family do if you weren't there and they didn't have any of your important information? They would be in even worst shape! So what can you do? You need to be prepared! You can now easily provide your family with all the important information they’ll ever need to know in any emergency/disaster!

The theme of , provide them with all the information they will need to know' is reoccurring and the phrase should cause you to be in 'action mode'! I am offering you this A-B-C simple and easy vital records system created by Joyce Moseley Pierce, author, radio talk show host, and Founder of PreparedinEveryWay.com, that will protect your family in any disaster/emergency! Now, don't even begin to worry about the cost of this either! Put that out of your mind! For less than a larger supreme pizza, wings and drinks, you'll be set! Seriously, folks I suggest and offer all types of eproducts for you and your family, this information eproduct is probably one of the most important, simple to correct ways to be prepared and I am ashamed that I am just NOW offering it to you! I can go on and on about this terrible situation and this bad and that bad and what would you do situations until I was blue in my face, but I don't have to! My customers are some of the brightest and most educated people on the net. You know when something is right, and you know when an idea is correct or not. I can't say enough about this preparedness informational eproduct .  Please at least go and read all about this eproduct by simply clicking here . I am sure you are going to be blown away as I was! Then after all the benefits are stated they give you the price and you will be sold and could be setting up within minutes because of our, 'instant delivery download' system, regardless of the time of day or night!  Lastly, it also as all of OLIN eproducts comes to you with a full sixty (60) day FREE 'test-drive and ninety (90) day price assurance guarantee! You seriously can't go wrong! You get everything and risk absolutely nothing!

Thank you for reading and thank you for your business and support. Please share this with loved ones and even re-post it if you wish. Just keep all the URL'S and this byline intact somewhere within the re-post! May God our heavenly Father protect, prosper and provide for you and yours for all of time! God bless!

Now here is your Blog Carnival Of Christian Family Information Exchange For February 22 2013!

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Kaylee Adams presents 30 Blogs For Sleep Training Fussy Babies posted at Find A Nanny, saying, "The global village of parents, medical professionals and parenting experts that offer their wisdom and experience for the edification of the blogosphere come through in spades on the subject, with a staggering array of entries dedicated to sleep training in some form or fashion."

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Denise Thompson presents 10 Ways to Calm Your Fussy Baby in the Middle of the Night posted at Find A Babysitter, saying, "Here are some tried and true techniques to calm your fussy baby, though you should keep in mind that all babies are different."

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Hailey Jones presents 5 Ways to Help Kids Who Are Struggling With Homework posted at Nanny Websites, saying, "Though some progressive schools around the country have taken steps to eliminate homework, it still remains a fixture in the lives of most students."

Sharon Moore presents Things Every Nanny Should Do in the First Week of a New Job posted at Nanny Jobs, saying, "Here are five things you can do in your first week to make sure you’re on the right track."

Cherry Liu presents 12 Secrets For Maintaining a Happy Marriage After Kids posted at House Sitting Jobs, saying, "While it’s no secret to any couple past the honeymoon stage that marriage requires work in order to be successful, it can come as a surprise to new parents just how much raising children changes the dynamic of a marriage."

Carter White presents 28 Blogs with Ideas to Keep Teens from Going Stir Crazy Over Spring Break posted at Babysitting, saying, "these 28 blogs that can give you some inspiration for surviving this Spring Break."

Sydney Bell presents 15 Common Internet Scams and How to Avoid Them posted at Longhorn Leads, LLC, saying, "These 15 Internet scams are quite popular, but you can avoid falling victim to them by learning to recognize their common red flags."

Kaylee Adams presents 18 Blogs You Can Use to Determine if Your Child is Gifted posted at Find A Nanny, saying, "Many parents think that their child is gifted, maybe because he walked before the other babies in the playgroup or was an early talker."

Jessica Clark presents 10 iPhone Apps to Help You Track Your Favorite Team’s Stats posted at Kenney Myers, saying, "These 10 iPhone apps can help you track scores and achievements when you’re not able to tune into live events and allow you to watch your favorite teams compete while you’re on the go!"

Denise Thompson presents How to Get More Sleep Out of Your Toddler posted at Find A Babysitter, saying, "From the moment you bring your newborn home until he’s well into the school-aged years, the one thing you’re likely to always want more of is sleep."

That will conclude this February 22 2013 edition. Please submit your blog article to the next edition of Christian Family Information Exchange using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. Guest hosting also available.
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Roy Twogood Jr. is Managing Director of OLIN e-Publishing Company & OLINeBooks of Denver Colorado - http://www.olinepublishing.com . Again the link for the preparedness eproduct I mentioned above is http://yu2.it/5y . Please do check it out and please do share it with loved ones so that they can be prepared to do the very best for their families as well!  Thank you and God bless!

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