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Monday, February 11, 2013

New Devotionals & Something Else...

I hope you all are doing well and preparing yourself for the sacred season of Lent. It is early this year with Ash Wednesday on 021313!   I have a nice personal devotional eBook on, 'Stations Of The Cross: The Passion Of Jesus Christ Through The Years'. This is not just for Catholics or Lutherans like me, this is for all Christians. We can benefit from a devotional like this and I find it a good way to be prepared for the entire Lenten season. This year this devotional is less costly then last year's as well. Take a moment and get all the details about our devotional, before Wednesday and see what you think. It would also be really good material for family devotions. The details can be found at http://yu2.it/4p .

Speaking about devotionals we have another nice Bible study that is back. This wasn't available until recently and it is something you should look into. This Bible study will take you from your beginnings as a spiritual babe in Christ onwards to being spiritually mature in Christ! The details on this Bible study can be found at http://yu2.it/4q .

Now to show you guys that we at OLIN aren't all stuffy and only about serious Bible studies, we are serious about Bible study but we also enjoy being 'regular' people just like you! Most of you know that a hobby of mine has been magic tricks and illusions. I have a brand new illusion that will blow just about everyone mind! It's Called Mo Smoking Imagine this An Empty Box Or Pack Of Cigarettes Is Shown Then 'Magically' With A Snap Of The Fingers, It Fills With Real Full Length Cigarettes That Can Be Removed And Handed Out To Be Examined'! WOW! Now first! I don't think anyone should smoke cigarettes or smoke anything for that matter. I am not promoting smoking in any way! This trick will impress others whether you smoke or not! You do not have to be a smoker to preform this illusion. Nothing would be lost by being a non-smoker. This trick looks as close to what 'real' magic would like if it was true. You can blow your minds as I did repeatedly by watching a video demo of this at http://yu2.it/4r . And...The second thing that will blow your mind is the affordable price! Just about everyone could afford this and just about everyone can perform this trick! Really, I'm serious it is relatively easy to perform so don't be shy, order yours today and be blowing other peoples minds by tonight!

That just reminded me! The Street Magic Course has expired and they are not sure if its going to return. I will keep you up-to-date on this one and let you know when and if it is available again. In the mean time our 'Introduction to Performing Magic Course' is still available and still the best value for your money. Seriously for less than twelve dollars you won't believe all that is included! So if you or your teen is expressing the desire to do magic tricks? Get the most perfect starter package and get an introduction to performing magic'! Get all the details about this mega-package at http://x.co/miqw .

I normally post new products for you on Tuesday. I wanted to give you an extra day this week because of the 'Stations Of The Cross Devotional' and Ash Wednesday starting so early this year. I am really impressed with this devotional and I am sure you will be as well. Take a look and see what you think. Questions, opinions and anything else just email me at Director@olinepublishng.com . Thank you for your business and all your support. May God bless you and yours as you prepare your hearts and minds as to what our Savior Jesus did for each of us.

Roy Twogood is Managing Director of OLIN e-Publishing Company and OLINeBooks of Denver Colorado - http://www.olinepublishing.com/. Feel free to share this and to re-post it.  All we ask is that you keep all the URL's and this byline intact somewhere within the re-post. Thank you and God bless!

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