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Friday, February 08, 2013

What Drives Me & Your February 8 2013 Blog Carnival Of Christian Family Information Exchange

Welcome and thank you for reading our Christian family Blog Carnival. This week we have fifty-three really great articles for you to read and ponder upon!  But first, allow me to explain to you why we are so needy for your opinion and information based on what drives me each day. Each week we get more and more articles which is great and to tell you the truth, enjoy these articles here because most of these articles won't appear elsewhere and won't get raging reviews! Why? Well most of you know that today anything Christian is ignored, under reported and/or dismissed as just a bunch of 'Bible Thumping 'flat earther' idiots'! I can't think of a recent time when being Christian was such a liability! All I can say is, 'so be it'! I am a Christian not to impress anyone and really don't care what others say or do about my beliefs!  BTW: I'm still looking for articles from Christian teens informing us of how it is to be a Christian teen in today's world. I will publish your article here and you may even get extra credit for it!  Not that you would need any extra credit! Regardless, send me your articles, please.

Today Christianity is so misunderstood, it would literally take much time and effort to set the record straight, once again. This Blog Carnival, our e-publishing company, our informational eproducts and this very blog are a refuge for Christians looking for fellow believers and eproducts for our Christian families. Every eproduct we offer is first voted upon by me, our staff and even various family members. If just one says no or not for my family, we don't offer it to anyone then, we pass on it and move on to something else. I must confess that we all spend many hours working to have the truest high quality at prices most families including large families can or should afford with regards to their family. When we have a day of no sales, or low sales, we tend to take it personally. We shouldn't but it is a human response to what appears as no interest or activity about our eproduct offerings. What we need to do is to repeatedly ask what is important to you and your family and why then won't our eproduct offering work for your family? We truly need you and your family to remain in business. Without our customers and supporters we are nothing but a 'bunch of idiots' wondering what just happened! Well that may be a bit strong but you get the point, we truly need you and your opinions.

What I would like to establish, starting today, is a true reward for your opinion and information with regards to our informational eproducts! Whenever you look over one of our offerings, first ask yourself why aren't I excited about this and why aren't I grabbing my credit or debit card to purchase it. Whatever the reason that you say, please remember it, and write it down and email to me at Director@olinepublishing.com . I'm serious, I will repay you for your time and information! After all, you have heard me say over and over again that information is power and so it also applies to you and your information! If I knew what the average family thought about one of my offerings it would be of great help to me. If it is too expensive, too large or whatever I could and would then act accordingly. We spend about half-of-our time in search of high quality/low cost eproducts for you and your family. If we are doing it wrong, or we are not in sink with your family, it all just a waste of time and effort. I also want to see our Christian families getting better opportunities and comforts of life because of how much more prepared for the 'real' world they are.

Last week I spoke about 'skill sets' and why so many good people are out of work and have been so for far too long. Never again do I want to hear of another fellow Christian down and out because their skill set are out of date or they are substandard in their work abilities! I don't think I have ever shared that thought with you before. This business was first designed and geared for and with the job of educating Christians, adults and children to be far better employees, managers and entrepreneurs because of their high level of skills and learning. The only way to do this is with more and more information and education. If you stop and examined each of our offerings, you will see that they all fit into those above categories. We have smart, low-cost business start-ups, better ways of running a business, as well as a ton of products to educate our children to higher levels than other children are given. If our Christian children can do math in their head without a calculator they will be of 'real' value to any business. If our Christian children can read faster, memorize more, formulate opinions more clearly and be critical thinkers and problem solvers they are going to be of 'real' value to the world of tomorrow! They will be higher paid leaders of the world of tomorrow! I truly feel it is our obligation to mold Christian children to levels other people only dream of! The reasons are more than clear and the workings of their future family will be more than optimal if finances aren't an issue or concern. Do you agree with me completely on this belief of mine? I truly can't think of one person who wishes less for their children. We all want more and the 'best of the best' for our children and their future families. I have the tools to do this folks! The next question is completely geared at you, for you to answer to yourselves. If you wish the same for your children, why then don't you value and figure out some way to afford just one of the educational eproducts for your children? You know God will bless our efforts and will give more to those who spend more on Christian values and higher levels of education. It is just like tithing is. The more we give, the more we receive. That's not just me saying so, that's God's ways!

Please understand this completely, in closing. If PRICE is the only issue whether you purchase one of my educational eproducts for your family, then it isn't truly an issue because I can be very creative and make the impossible, possible! Please don't wish one day that you WOULD HAVE, COULD HAVE, IF ONLY, with regards to your children's status in the world based on their education. Work with me and I will work with you and we then will make amazing things possible for many. You now know what it is that drives me daily. You now know what my concern is, with regards to the future well being of our children. I have gone way out of my way to make my products affordable and more important simply, available. I am currently offering eproducts that only a few years ago were just a wish and dream of the learned, seriously!  Our children can learn much more than we ever thought possible. The only factor in our children's learning is the availability of materials that challenge them and push them ,with their dreams and wishes, until their dreams appear and are tangible! If you come across a eproduct or a true reason that seriously prevents my wish for our children's better future, please email me and tell me the error of my ways! Don't be too easy on me. Let me know that I have errored and need to correct it at once. If you don't, I may never know and therefore I may never achieve my desired level of better living for all of our children! Let's be partners with regards to our children's future, please. Allow whoever wishes to say and treat Christians as 'out of touch', 'flat earthers'.  Who cares what they say! If we can't get the high level of education our children need from public schooling, then we quietly and carefully homeschool our children. I have many information eproducts to make it easier to do so. Together we can't fail and together we won't fail. With regards to our children's tomorrow we just can't do all, give all and wish all, enough, for our children. I thank you for all your business and support. May God our heavenly Father watch over, protect and prosper you and yours for all of time! God bless!

Now here is your Blog Carnival Of Christian Family Information Exchange For February 8 2013.

Shelby Martin presents How to Stop a Child from Being Bossy posted at Go Nannies Blog, saying, "Children have specific personality traits. Some are shy by nature and others are outgoing."

MITCHELL MORRIS presents How to Ask for a Raise in Your Nanny Job posted at Full Time Nanny , saying, "Asking for a raise is a difficult thing for many nannies to do."

Steve Jackson presents 10 Things to Recycle into Great Picture Frames posted at Housekeeping , saying, "Doing your part to help the environment and keep discarded items out of landfills doesn’t have to be simply your civic duty; it can also be a fun and creative way to add interesting decorative touches to your home."

Denise Thompson presents How to Dress Your Children in Victorian Style posted at Find A Babysitter, saying, "Whether you have an affection for the flounces of days gone by or are simply looking for ideas for authentic Victorian children’s costumes, it can be difficult to find information on Victorian-style clothes for modern children."

Samuel Ronicker presents Christianity vs. Philosophy (Again) posted at Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness.

Meredith presents nakkaq | to fall headlong, dive, plunge posted at ¶ snow & mist, saying, "Sometimes falling on our faces is exactly what God wants us to do."

Michelle Brown presents How Nannies Can Prevent Car Accidents posted at Nanny, saying, "Part of a nanny’s responsibilities often includes driving her charges to and from school, activities and clubs while they’re on the clock."

Sydney Bell presents 10 Things You Should Know About Coffee Before You Drink Your Next Cup posted at Longhorn Leads, LLC, saying, "Coffee is a unique beverage in that you either love it or you hate it."

MITCHELL MORRIS presents 10 iPhone Apps That Help with Managing Kids Behavior posted at Full Time Nanny, saying, "When it comes to managing personal and professional productivity, few tools are as powerful or as effective as the smartphone."

Jim Wilson presents 20 Blogs with the Best Make Your Own Valentine Ideas posted at 10 Physical Contact Rules for Babysitters, saying, "There are so many creative ideas out there for making your own valentines that there’s no need to buy pre-made options."

Caleb Hill presents 5 Ways Nannies Exceed Employer Expectations posted at Nanny Classifieds, saying, "While working as a nanny, situations may come up where you are asked to take on additional duties or you identify additional ways that you can help the family out."

Dan Robinson presents How to Navigate the Airport with Kids posted at Aupair Jobs, saying, "Traveling with your children, whether you’re heading overseas or keeping your journey domestic, can be an exciting and rewarding chance to make memories that you’ll all cherish for a lifetime."

Kaitlyn Johnson presents 40 Blogs You Must Read to Avoid Making a Baby Naming Mistake posted at Newborn Care, saying, "Once you find out you’re pregnant, the fun begins! Dreaming about what you should name your precious child becomes a favorite pastime for expecting parents, and everyone has names that remind them of someone that they loved and others that they hated."

Ashley Brown presents 5 of the Best Places for Kids to Take Classes in Houston posted at Morningside Nannies, saying, "While your young child isn’t ready for college classes yet, he’s definitely ready for having fun and hanging out with friends."

Jonathan Grant presents Am I Too Ugly to Attract Guys? posted at Questions & Answers About Life, saying, "If you have a daughter, you will almost certainly be faced with this question! It's a very hard question to answer."

Daniel Long presents How to Save Money on Kids Clothes posted at hireananny.com, saying, "From the cost of diapers to the expense of extracurricular activities as kids get older, it seems as if they’re always on some new path that costs money."

Elisabeth Wright presents Crazy Ways Extreme Cheapskates Save Money posted at Vitamins and Minerals, saying, "If you caught the 2012 episode of Extreme Cheapskates featuring Victoria Hunt, you either got sick or got inspired."

Jeff Moore presents How to Host a Dinner Party for Parents who Have Kids posted at Babysitting Jobs, saying, "The dinner party is a decidedly grown-up institution, and one that doesn’t typically include much room for guests of the pint-sized persuasion."

Olivia Lewiss presents 25 Ways to Say I Love You With Your Valentine’s Card Signature posted at Hire a Nanny, saying, "It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that some things are just inappropriate for a Valentine’s Day card. Once you’ve eliminated the things likely to cause a scene, however, figuring out how you should sign your card can still present a challenge."

Hailey Jones presents 10 Things Kids Born in 2013 Will Never Know posted at Nanny Websites, saying, "The rate at which the world is changing is creating an environment in which objects that were commonplace to today’s parents will be virtually unheard of when their babies become adults."

Steve Jackson presents 10 Ways to Get Your Husband To Do What You Want Around The House posted at Housekeeping, saying, "Some women are lucky enough to have married men who enjoy helping out around the house – or at least who help out without complaint."

Denise Thompson presents 10 Toys Only Marketed to Boys posted at Find A Babysitter, saying, "Boys are taught from a young age what is considered masculine behavior in today’s world, with an emphasis on encouraging the formation of those traits."

Sharon Moore presents How to Lose Your Nanny Job posted at Nanny Jobs, saying, "Finding a great post isn’t always easy, which is why it’s important to maintain an exceptional level of performance and always provide top-notch care in order to retain a post once you’ve managed to secure it."

Laura Anderson presents Expert Insights: With Deborah Gilboa, MD of AskDoctorG.com posted at eNannySource, saying, "If anyone understands the plight of the working mom, it is Deborah Gilboa, MD., a board certified family physician and mother of four. Dr. Gilboa, better known as Dr. G., shares parenting advice and answers parenting questions on her website www.AskDoctorG.com."

Layla Martinez presents How to Avoid Emotional Eating When You Have Kids Who Make Your Crazy posted at Live-In Nanny, saying, ""Eating your feelings” can be a major contributor to excess weight gain and is a seriously difficult habit to break."

Dan Robinson presents How to Dress for Success posted at Aupair Jobs, saying, "Whether you’re looking for work or are seeking a promotion at your current job, dressing the part can make all the difference."

Shelby Martin presents 3 Things You Can Do to Transform Your Teen From Rude to Polite posted at GoNannies.com Blog, saying, "Teaching a young child to say please and thank you is one thing, but struggling to get your teenager to be polite to you is quite another."

Sydney Bell presents 10 iPhone Apps for Finding the Best Restaurants posted at Longhorn Leads, LLC, saying, "If you own one of Apple’s nearly-ubiquitous iPhone devices, you know that they’re capable of handling an impressive array of tasks that simplify both your personal and professional life."

Kaylee Adams presents 10 Reasons Why Being a Mean Parent Doesn’t Work posted at Find A Nanny, saying, "Developmental specialists, medical professionals and psychological researchers alike have dedicated decades of energy and resources to exploring the mechanics of parenting."

Arianna Lee presents What to Include in an Emergency Plan posted at Part Time Nanny, saying, "Making a definitive plan for how everyone should proceed and what to expect in case an emergency arises could easily mean the difference between surviving it unscathed and suffering devastating loss."

Caleb Hill presents The 10 Most Popular Tweets by Real-Life Working Moms and Why You Might Tweet Them Too posted at Nanny Classifieds, saying, "Keeping everyone in your life updated with quick bursts of information, 140 characters at a time, lets harried professionals maintain some semblance of normalcy in their relationships with friends and relatives."

Denise Young presents 10 Good Rules for Packing Grade School Lunches posted at Au Pair Care, saying, "The days of parents deciding what is best to send their children to school with for lunch is quickly fading."

Alaina Moore presents 10 Family Dinners that Cost Under $10 posted at aupair, saying, "As food prices rise and more families encounter sticker shock every time they look at price tags at the grocery store, the idea of feeding your entire family a meal that costs less than ten dollars can seem absurd."

Jessica Clark presents 30 Famous Actors and Producers Named Ken posted at Kenney Myers, saying, "As a shortened version of the Celtic name Kenneth, which is believed to be either an anglicized version of the Pictish name Ciniod or the Goidelic name CinĂ¡ed, Ken means “handsome; good-looking; fair."

Lisa Williams presents 25 Love Notes That Will Mess Up Your Valentine’s Day posted at Become A Nanny, saying, "Figuring out what to write in the Valentine’s Day cards you send out can be a challenge."

Michelle Brown presents 10 iPhone Apps to Help Manage Your Wardrobe posted at Nanny, saying, "There’s something about the thrill of snapping up a great bargain or finally getting your hands on a high-end piece that makes your inner fashionista sing."

Jeff Moore presents 20 Blogs to Read Before Saying YES to Letting Your Kid Sleep Over at a Friend’s House posted at Babysitting Jobs, saying, "There are many things to consider when you get that first invitation for your child to sleepover at a friend’s house."

Cherry Liu presents 25 Blogs with Tips for Keeping Your Outside Stairway Safe for Visitors posted at House Sitting Jobs, saying, "The last thing any homeowner would want is for someone to get hurt coming up to or into their home."

Hailey Jones presents Pop Quiz: How Can You Prevent Choking in Children posted at Nanny Websites, saying, "Children under age 5 are at greatest risk for choking injury and death."

Steve Jackson presents 15 Blogs with the Best Spring Cleaning Plans posted at Housekeeping, saying, "Once the weather starts to warm up a little bit many people want to open up the house and breathe new life and fresh air into their homes."

Sharon Moore presents 10 Things You Should Know About Real-Life Nannies Before You Hire One posted at Nanny Jobs, saying, "If your only experience with nannies comes from books or television, you’re likely to be surprised by your first encounter with a real-life, non-fictional nanny."

Elisabeth Wright presents 10 Ways to Make Your First Online Dating Profile Shine posted at Vitamins and Minerals, saying, "We shop online, work online, go to school online, diagnose online; why not date online? In a non-stop world of fast-food, fast coffee, fast cars, text messaging, click, copy and paste, it’s no surprise that people have followed suit in their dating lives."

Laura Anderson presents Expert Insights: Ilene Dillon, LMFT and LCSW on Kids and Co-Dependence posted at eNannySource, saying, "Recently I had the pleasure of connecting with Ilene Dillon, LMFT, LCSW, author and life coach."

Kaylee Adams presents 30 Blogs With Tips for Organizing Family Photos posted at Find A Nanny, saying, "Culling your collection isn’t always easy, nor is finding the right method for storage and organization that allows you to find the pictures you’re looking for when you need them."

Arianna Lee presents How to Know If You Need a Weekend Nanny posted at Part Time Nanny, saying, "These days there are more and more families hiring a weekend nanny to help them juggle busy schedules, pitch in with multiples or help care for a child who has special needs."

Civics Reaffirmed presents Hooray Chick-Fil-A ! « Civics – Reaffirmed posted at Civics - Reaffirmed, saying, "An article that wrote in support the the Chick-Fil-A support of traditional family values. This may be old news, but I will continue to write about the passions embedded in this blog. I urge your readership."

Sydney Bell presents 15 Blogs That Will Help Even the Technologically Challenged Create the Best Instagrams posted at Longhorn Leads, LLC, saying, "Instagram started out as an app for the iPhone, but quickly expanded to include Android phones as well."

Maryanne Williams presents 20 Ways to Save on Your Child’s Next Birthday Party posted at Share a Nanny, saying, "Celebrating the anniversary of your child’s birth is a momentous occasion, but it’s also one that can quickly become prohibitively expensive."

Brittany Martin presents 10 Inappropriate Questions to Ask a Nanny During an Interview posted at Nanny Interview Questions, saying, "Hiring a nanny can be a complicated and confusing process, especially if it’s your first time through the ordeal."

Kevin Giffin presents 25 Blogs to Read before Sending Your Child to Kindergarten in September posted at Summer Nanny, saying, "Once your toddler begins approaching the age when he can go to school, many parents begin to worry that their child is not actually ready to go to kindergarten."

Teri Jones presents 10 Reasons to Fire Your Nanny Now posted at Nanny Jobs, saying, "Because finding and securing a nanny can be such a challenge for so many parents, it’s often difficult to entertain the idea of firing one and starting the process over from scratch."

MITCHELL MORRIS presents 20 of the Best Potty Training Bribes Ever posted at Full Time Nanny, saying, "Potty training can be a daunting task for both the parents and the child. Some kids, for their own reasons, are terrified of going potty on the toilet and need a little extra incentive to do it."

Tim Hall presents 10 Reasons to Never Leave Your Child in the Car Alone Even for a Minute posted at Summer Nanny Jobs, saying, "Whether you’re running into a convenience store to pay for your gasoline or stepping away for a moment while your child is strapped snugly into her car seat, it’s never safe to leave your child alone in a vehicle."

This wasn't an article submitted to our Blog Carnival this week but rather a site that was recommended to me.  Check this site out for they have a lot of great information for families today.  "Your Child Has a Rash. Do You Know What to Do?  Go here and find answers"!
 http://www.thesurvivaldoctor.com/2012/06/26/fever-and-rashes-in-children/ .

That will conclude this February 8 2013 edition. Please submit your blog article to the next edition of Christian Family Information Exchange using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.
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Roy Twogood Jr. is Managing Director of OLIN e-Publishing Company & OLINeBooks of Denver Colorado - http://www.olinepublishing.com/ . Please do share this Blog Carnival with your children and other loved ones for there isn't any 'adult only' information anywhere within. Some of the most up-to-date information is within and continues at many of the sites that submit here regularly. You may re-post this else as well, all we ask is that all of the URL's and this byline remain intact somewhere within the re-post. Thank you for reading, please consider writing us an article for next weeks Carnival. We would even love to take some really good recipes,  if that is your specialty!

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